Taxi driver found not guilty of sex assault

Elizabeth Byrne

Posted September 12, 2011 08:32:49
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An ACT Supreme Court jury has found a former Canberra taxi driver not guilty of sexually assaulting a passenger in April 2007.
Shahzad Kayani, 59, had maintained his innocence through two trials.
He had been accused of digitally penetrating the victim after he drove her from the Canberra Casino to UniLodge at the Australian National University.

A doctor who gave evidence to the trial said the woman had injuries consistent with that allegation.
But Mr Kayani's lawyer Ken Archer told the court, the victim had been extremely intoxicated in the hours leading up to the taxi ride, and there were large gaps in information about where she had been.
He also told the court the victim had changed her story several times, and that there was a lack of a consistent complaint.
Mr Archer also pointed to the fact that despite the presence of DNA from four other people inside the victim's shorts, Mr Kayani's DNA was not included.
The jury took just one-and-a-half hours to reach its not guilty verdict.
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